Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Selection Guide
Synergy Robusta Low Profile Septic Tank
1006 – Low Profile Septic Tank Rev C
Synergy Robusta Biological Aerated Super Septic Tank
SD0901 – Spherical Septic Tanks – Robusta
1007 Revision C – Cylindrical Septic Tank

Cesspools – Storage Tanks

SD0904 – Spherical Cesspools – Robusta

Synergy Sewage Treatment Plants

MOD P90-100
MOD P120-130
MOD P140-160

MATRIX Sewage Treatment Plants

SD P6 G-Rev A
SD P6 P-Rev A
SD P9 G-Rev A
SD P9 P-Rev A
SD P12 G-Rev A
SD P12 P-Rev A
SD P15 G-Rev A
SD P15 P-Rev A
SD P18 G-Rev A
SD P18 P-Rev A

Tricel Sewage Treatment Plants

TR P6&8
TR P10
TR P12
TR P18
TR P24
TR P30
TR P36
TR P42
TR P50


Bypass Separator – Revision A
Full Retention Separator – Revision A
SD0920 Silt Trap
1008 Single Chamber Vehicle Silt Washdown Separator
1003 Agricultural Silt Washdown Separator

Grease Trap

SD0923 Underground Range

Pump Stations

Pump Station Criteria Form
Generic Vertical Pump Chamber Data Sheet
Final effluent Pump Station 1004 Rev B
1005 – REV
1009 – Horizontal Pump Station
SD0926 – Robusta Single Pump Station
SD0926 – Single pump station, auto coupling and guide rail
SD0927 – Duplex Pump Station
SD0927 – Robusta Duplex Pump Station
Pre-Commissioning Visit Check List

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

RH-001 REV A
SD0928 – RainStore Synergy Robusta Tank

Installation Instructions

ACO Q-Ceptor Oil Separators Full Retention and Bypass
Cylinderical Tanks
Cylindrical Tank Granular Backfill
Low Profile Septic Tanks
Pump Sump
Spherical Septic Tanks and Cesspools
Wiring Diagram for Mains Powered High Level Alarm
High Level Battery Operated Alarm Instructions
Electricians Notes for Single Pump with Control Panel & 3 Float operation
Electricians Notes for Twin Pumps with Control Panel & 4 Float operation
Matrix Installation Details
2016 Tricel Installation Details
2016 Tricel O&M Manual

Non Standard Drawings

SD0902 Cylindrical Septic Tanks 2,800L – 16,000L
SD0903 Cylindrical Septic Tanks 18,000L – 60,000L
SD0905 Cylindrical Cesspools 2,000L – 10,000L
SD0906 Cylindrical Cesspools 12,000L – 16,000L
SD0907 Cylindrical Cesspools 18,000L – 80,000L
SD0911 NSB 3 Class 1 Bypass Separator
SD0912 NSB 4.5 – 10 Class 1 Bypass Separator
SD0913 NSB 15 – 25 Class 1 Bypass Separator
SD0914 NSB 30 – 50 Class 1 Bypass Separator
SD0915 NSB 60 – 100 Class 1 Bypass Separator
SD0916 Forecourt Separator
SD0917 Full Retention Separator Class 1 NS4-20
SD0918 Full Retention Separator Class 1 NS30-60
SD0919 Full Retention Separator Class 1 NS70-100
SD0920 Silt Trap
SD0921 Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
SD0922 Free Standing Range
P6 EN 12566-1 Tricel Super Low Pro
SD902 Rev – Cylindrical Septic Tanks
TRICEL P6 and P9
1004 Final Effluent Pump Station
Synergy P175 G
1006 – Low Profile Septic Tank
1007 – Cylindrical Septic Tank
DS0962P-02 – Ø2.6 Settlement Tanks
DS0963P-02 – Ø2.6 Cesspool & Silage Tanks
Synergy MATRIX Brochure
Synergy Shallow Dig 6 Pe STP Drg. No. CLF1 SD6 450
Synergy Shallow Dig 6 Pe STP Drg. No. CLF1 SD6 550
Synergy Shallow Dig 6 Pe STP Drg. No. CLF1 SD6 600
MATRIX CLF1-3 Standard Layout
MATRIX CLF1-3 Pumped Discharge
MATRIX CLF4-7 Standard Layout
MATRIX CLF4-7 Pumped Discharge
MATRIX CLF8-12 Standard Layout
MATRIX CLF8-12 Pumped Discharge
MATRIX CLF13-17 Standard Layout
Sewage Treatment Plant Selection Guide
Synergy P30 G
Synergy P40 G
Synergy P50 G
Synergy P60 G
Synergy P70 G
Synergy P80 G
Synergy P90 G
Synergy P100 G
Synergy P125 G
Synergy P150 G
Synergy P175 G
Synergy P190 G
Synergy P200 G
Synergy P250 C
Synergy P300 G
Synergy P400 C
Synergy 2200CG 001
SD905 Rev – Cesspools and Storage Tanks
1007-Customer Drawing
Tricel P6-P8
Tricel P10
Tricel P12
Tricel P18
Tricel P24
Tricel P30
Tricel P36
Tricel P42
Tricel P50
SD0908 ASP Sewage Treatment Plants
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 25-30pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 35-50pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 60-75pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 100pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 125pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 150pe
SD0909 SAF Sewage Treatment Plants 200pe
SD0910 MBR-500 Sewage Treatment Plants
Carat S 2700
Carat S 3750
Carat S 4800
Carat S 6500
Imagenta 1
Imagenta 3
Imagenta 4
Synergy Aco Class1 Full Retention Separator
Synergy Aco Class1 Bypass Separator
ACO Oil Separator
PPG 3 Full Retention Separator
PPG 3 Class 1 Bypass Separator
Synergy PPG 3 Compliant Bypass Separators
SD0923 – Grease Traps Underground
SD0923 – Grease Traps Spherical – Underground – Robusta
1006 – Low Profile Septic Tank
Final effluent Pump Station 1004 issue C
1005 – Single Pump Station, free standing auto pump