Product Description

Standard and bespoke systems are offered to pump both foul and surface water.

Pump stations are used to raise the level of the discharge to the invert of a local gravity mains or private system.

Single pump systems are generally available from stock, to serve the smaller domestic project. Larger capacity duplex systems manufactured to meet site-specific criteria are also readily available on short lead times.

Building Regulations require that the pump chamber should have sufficient storage volume to contain a 24 hour inflow. In the case of domestic systems, a figure of 150 litres per person per day is used to determine the chamber capacity.



Duplex Pump Station

This image shows a Duplex Pump Station nearing completion in our Workshops. This particular product is for an industry partner, there are a number of established professional Companies in the wastewater industry, who commission Synergy to build equipment on their behalf because of the quality of our workmanship. If you have a requirement for a Wastewater System then please contact Synergy, the choice of the professional.