Product Description

Building Regulations part H1 Section 2, 2002 requires commercial kitchens to have an effective means of Fats Oils and Grease removal / treatment from the drainage system.

This legislation is generally aimed at new developments, and refurbishments. However, pressure is mounting to make Grease Traps mandatory for existing catering premises.

In locations where a private off mains drainage system is installed, i.e. a Sewage Treatment Plant or similar, there is a very necessary pre requisite that a Grease Trap is installed to prevent grease contaminated effluent being discharged from the sewage system.

Synergy offers an extensive range of Grease Traps – from free standing under sink units serving from 50 covers upwards, to larger capacity underground units to serve the larger catering establishment. It is recommended that Synergy carry out a survey of your premises to establish the optimum, most cost effective system.

NB. It is imperative that the proposed Grease Trap is sized correctly for the application, for it to work effectively.