Product Description

The BASS1 Biological Aerated Super Septic Tank with filtered outlet is offered to the market as an alternative to a Sewage Treatment Plant.

This is product is not intended, nor suitable for discharge to a watercourse. However, if you are discharging to a Soakaway then the BASS1 is an economic alternative to a full blown Treatment Plant.

The BASS1 has a state of the art blower unit of only 38watts, which provides the air supply to a fine bubble diffuser in the base of the final settlement zone.

The BASS1 is an engineered product; all components are easily accessed from the surface to ensure safe and easy access for ongoing future maintenance.

The BASS1 is suitable for two three bedroom properties, or a single property of up to eight bedrooms. Dimensions: – 1.5 Dia. x 2.8 metres long, Inlet to Base 1.4 metres.

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Super Septic Tank12,000 Litre Synergy Super Septic Tank

This is a 12,000 Litre Synergy Super Septic Tank C/w New generation Air
Blower, Fine Bubble Air Diffuser, Secondary Sludge Return System &
Particulate Filter fitted to the outlet. On taking delivery of this system
the professional installer comments were: – ‘The Synergy Super Septic Tank
is better than some Treatment Plants I have seen’