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Comparison of our Septic Tank with the Market Leading Brand

This Picture shows a 4600 Litre Septic Tank from the Market Leading Brand(s).
This product is manufactured very efficiently, by an automated process using a sheet material compound comprising of Glass Fibre, Polyester Resin & Calcium Carbonate(filler). The picture illustrates that the Septic Tank has no internal baffles whatsoever, this is purely an empty tank with an inlet & outlet. […]

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Range of Optima Sewage Treatment Plants Approved to EN12566-3+A1:2009

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products are proud to announce that our Range Of Optima Sewage Treatment Plants have been Tested and Approved to: – EN12566-3+A1:2009.

The range comprises of 13 models ranging from a single house 6 Person (Pe) through to 50Pe ensuring that we have the optimum model for your particular application. These plants are […]

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Synergy Robusta 4600 Litre Low Profile Chemical Storage Tank

The above tank was produced using a high grade Isophthalic Resin to provide the required resistance to chemical toilet waste on a Caravan Park in Cornwall.
Synergy manufactures a wide range of tanks to suit many different types of application.
So please contact us with your storage tank requirements.
Proud to be an independent British Manufacturing Company.

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Supplying two Bypass Oil Separators for the new Range store in Bridgwater

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products were nominated by the Main Contractor to supply two Bypass Oil Separators for the new Range store in Bridgwater.

An NSB 8 was supplied to serve the front Car Park, along with a NSB 3 to service the loading bay to the rear of the store.

The developers were working to a […]

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Project for Devonshire County Council

Devonshire County Council appoints Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products to supply a 42Pe Sewage Treatment Plant to a rural school project in the County. Synergy manufactured and fitted the extended risers to provide for the deeper invert depth of 850mm, providing a “flush with ground” unobtrusive installation.

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Package Sewage Treatment Plant Selection Guide

Sewage Treatment Plants are sized using three criteria as follows; these are expressed as Pe meaning Population Equivalent. Flow (Hydraulic Load) expressed in Litres. Organic Load (BOD) expressed in mg/Litre. Ammonia (NH3) expressed in mg/Litre. Current UK loadings are 1 Pe = 180 L/ Day Flow, 60mg/L BOD, & 8mg/L NH3.

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Septic Tank Selection and Sizing

When sizing Septic Tanks the industry refers to P or Pe meaning Population Equivalent. This does not always mean the number of actual persons to be served i.e. 10 People working in an office, is a vastly different to 10 Senior citizens in an Old Peoples Home.

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Robusta Biological Aerated Super Septic Tank

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products are pleased to announce the launch of their latest product the BASS1, a hybrid of the successful Robusta Low Profile Septic Tank.

Click here to see the Robusta Biological Aerated Super Septic Tank

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Increase in sales exceeding 30%

As of 31st. January 2013 Synergy Wastewater Products are proud to announce that for the third successive year, the company has achieved an increase in sales exceeding 30%. As an independent family owned business trading in difficult times we are delighted with these results.
Synergy would like to thank both its customers, and suppliers for […]

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Robusta Low Profile Septic Tanks

During 2012 we experienced an ever increasing demand for an easily installed GRP Low Profile Septic Tank. As a result of this we are delighted to offer our EN12566-1 Tested & Approved Robusta Low Profile range. These tanks have many advantages over and above some of the other products available, please see the following details. […]

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