4600 Litre Septic Tank

This Picture shows a 4600 Litre Septic Tank from the Market Leading Brand(s).

This product is manufactured very efficiently, by an automated process using a sheet material compound comprising of Glass Fibre, Polyester Resin & Calcium Carbonate(filler). The picture illustrates that the Septic Tank has no internal baffles whatsoever, this is purely an empty tank with an inlet & outlet. The tank wall measured at a point on the lower base section, measures only 3mm thick. The wall construction comprises of Resin, Glass Fibre and Calcium Carbonate filler. Fillers are used to reduce cost i.e. less Resin & Glass Fibre. Filler(s) added to GRP laminate reduces impact strength.

Synergy Robusta Three Stage Septic Tank

This Picture shows a 2800 Litre Synergy Robusta Three Stage Septic Tank.

Our Products are manufactured in house by time served , experienced personnel working to a BS EN 9001 Quality System. The Robusta Septic Tank design, dates back to 1987, and has been tested, and approved to BS EN 12566-1.The Picture illustrates the Robusta Septic Tank has three compartments, to ensure that a fully settled, clarified, quality effluent is discharged from the outlet pipe. The Robusta range of Septic Tanks are hand made, using first grade Polyester Resin and Glass Fibre, with no cost reducing fillers added. The tank wall on our 4600 Litre Tank is 7mm thick at the base section.

We at Synergy are proud of the Products we produce, and whilst we do not produce the most Septic Tanks in the UK, we do believe we produce the best. Our products are copied by some other manufacturers, but there is only one Genuine Robusta Tank and that is the one produced by Synergy. We do not manufacture any Septic Tanks for any other companies.

So in summary the choice is yours: –

You can purchase an empty thin wall Septic Tank from the Market Leading brand(s), these are widely available at Builders Merchants throughout the UK, or a host internet resellers.

Alternatively,  you can purchase a genuine Robusta Three Stage Septic Tank, with a proven track record, produced in the UK an independent British Company using quality materials to an exacting standard. The synergy Robusta is often the preferred choice of the professional installer!!